Commercial Advisory

Business PlanThe essential blueprint required to validate a new investment, maximize ROI, attract other investors and lenders

  • Research
  • Marketing Plan
  • Operations Plan
  • Financial Plan

Commercial Due DiligenceWe offer investors, private equity companies and M&A advisors a full commercial assessment of the sales and marketing operations of the target acquisition brand/company combined with an assessment of the market, competition, and industry dynamics to ensure informed decision-making

featured success stories

Palm Hills

Restoration of brand credibility requires positive word of mouth
Following the political turmoil in 2011 Palm Hills, a leading real estate developer, faced a number of legal issues and cash flow constraints, which led to a delay in the delivery of its contracted projects.


Heritage brands require regular modernization and nurturing to remain relevant
Renowned white goods brand was the market leader of Defrost fridges. Yet, when it came to the higher end No-frost fridges, brand sales were not realizing full potential, despite of the quality and sophisticated technology features they offered.


Absence of large communication budgets is not a limitation for growth
An established local manufacturer of electrical accessories and wiring devices was not realizing its full growth potential as a result of the fierce competition within the sector.


Positioning ESLSCA as the European expert in Business Management education
An established provider of post-graduate education, who has been offering MBA’s in Egypt for the past 20 years are launching their first undergraduate program. The brand has minimum consumer awareness among the target group, despite their long post-graduate track record.