Research and Insights

Market Sizing Study

Market Sizing StudyAn ideal service for companies considering a new investment, launching a new product, venturing into a new market, or planning to achieve structured growth

Customer Journey Mapping Study

Qualitative Customer Journey Mapping StudyCapture actionable insights about customer expectations, pains, motivations, perceptions, and emotions within each stage of the customer journey

Customer Segmentation, Persona Profiling, and Behavior Study

Customer Segmentation, Persona Profiling, and Behavior StudySegmentation of customers by demographics, geographic, psychographics, and behavior in relation to the category, brand offering, and touchpoints is the starting point for developing brand strategy and effective marketing planning

featured success stories

Al Naseem Dairy – Libya

Libya, an open MENA market dominated by European consumer brands for years, is currently led by a quality local player across various highly competitive dairy categories
Absence of import duties combined with an under developed industrial and retail sectors has always been a growth challenge for local brands.

Tahboub – Jordan

Local consulting expertise is an effective fast track for brands seeking regional expansion
Tahboub Home, Jordan’s leading designer and manufacturer of kitchens and home furniture was looking to expand its operations regionally into Egypt. The setup of the new operation required plenty of absent local knowledge on Egypt’s market.

Palm Hills

Restoration of brand credibility requires positive word of mouth
Following the political turmoil in 2011 Palm Hills, a leading real estate developer, faced a number of legal issues and cash flow constraints, which led to a delay in the delivery of its contracted projects.


Absence of large communication budgets is not a limitation for growth
An established local manufacturer of electrical accessories and wiring devices was not realizing its full growth potential as a result of the fierce competition within the sector.