Heritage brands require regular modernization and nurturing to remain relevant

2016 - 2018
Our Role
Development and implementation of Kiriazi Premiere Launch Plan


Renowned white goods brand was the market leader of Defrost fridges. Yet, when it came to the higher end No-frost fridges, brand sales were not realizing full potential, despite of the quality and sophisticated technology features they offered. Similar situation applied for other product lines including ovens and washing machines.


Research revealed that brand image was tightly associated with affordable quality, while lacking aspirational promises. There was a need to enhance image to become more relevant for higher SEC and younger age groups. Premiere was developed and positioned as the premium modern brand extension of the heritage mother brand.


Starting point was sales analysis, retail audit analysis along with quantitative and qualitative end user research.

The research and situation analysis was used as the ground work to develop a marketing strategy clearly profiling target personas, category drivers, brand positioning and utilization of the brand extension as the flagship in communication activities.

We managed a full fledged creative agency pitch ending with the development of “”املي البيت حياة , an emotional platform for the brand’s most successful and resonating campaign ever launched.

This was followed with a product features campaign highlighting Kiriazi Premiere high-tech features using high-value productions resulting in sales growth along with clear enhancement of brand health indicators.


Achievement of Kiriazi Premiere annual sales target

Growth in Kiriazi market share within high-end fridges and ovens market

General upgrade in Kiriazi brand image


Structural problems require structural solutions entailing courageous decisions. In order to create successful turnaround stories focus should always remain on fixing the fundamentals.

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